Portland Snake Skin Identification

Portland snake

Did you find a snake skin in Portland, OR? I can help you identify it! I am an expert on all Portland snakes, and can even identify them by the shed snakeskin they leave behind. Just email me a photo or two of the skin, to info@portlandsnakes.com and I will identify it TODAY or maybe tomorrow. Usually the same day. I have been doing this for 15 years as my hobby, and always answer right away!

Portland snake skin

Portland snake skin

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When your life is disrupted by an unwanted snake, call our highly trained herpetologists who have been trained in all the species of snake in the area. For over 10 years we have served our community with practical advice and same-day appointments, and even offer free advice over the phone where we can. Our dedicated and highly trained technicians can assist you with snake removal, from identifying the species of snake from any skin it may have left behind, to removing all venomous and non-venomous snakes, and ensuring that they don’t return. We don’t just take our work seriously, it is our passion to provide the best quality of service to our customers, but also the wildlife we work alongside. We are ready and waiting for your call, and our locally situated technicians and herpetologists can often be arranged to visit the same day to safely and humanely remove any snakes where they shouldn’t be. Using exclusion nets and other specially designed equipment, we will also make sure that we only need to visit once.